Internet Of Things

Research, Ideation, Concept, Development

Maximilian Brandl
Philipp Kaltofen

Aiiot links artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, serving as a tool for creating intelligent environments while keeping your privacy in mind.

Amazon and Google have found their way into our living rooms. The ubiquitous collection of data in our most private spheres is an unpleasant thought for many people - and yet Alexa & Co. offer a comfort you wouldn't want to miss in a modern home. Isn't there another way? Without data streaming to the outside and independent of the large data centers of intransparent corporations?

Aiiot is a framework that enables users to train their own intelligent environment. The aim is change the passive consumer, who must trust that their sensitive data will not be misused, to an active creator of his environment in a playful way.

In this way, people can experience new interactive ways of controlling objects and build a creative relationship to technology without programming skills.

Aiiot enables users to train their own intelligent environment. It consists of smart sensors and can be extended with personal, self-made and existing IoT devices. Using an easy to understand node-interface, different flows and actions can be created — turning spaces and homes into sophisticated smart environments in just minutes.

The Problem

As Google just shared its vision to create a centralized Internet of Things, we believe that a safe and non-dystopian future can only be established by user-owned concepts like autonomous peer-to-peer networks. Already today we can see the effects of huge cloud based services, that claim to improve our lives but instead enable and advance surveillance capitalism.

With the coming age of ubiquitous computing and connected devices that are deeply integrated into our personal lives, we cannot give up our freedom into the hands of a few mega-corporations. 

Mates for every situation

The foundations of Aiiot are the Mates. Each mate can help you make your environment smarter: Maybe you want to see when your cat is outside the window? Just use a cameraMate to recognize it. Learning a new thing never was easier: Just take a few examples of situations you want to use as input (e.g. specific sounds, outside weather or whenever your fridge is getting empty). The on-device machine-learning algorithm will learn from your input and predict what is happening.

The Homestation

Instead of having to use multiple apps and web interfaces, Aiiot uses a central homestation that connects the mates to your IoT Devices. It runs on a local device, that can be, but doesn’t have to be, connected to the internet.