Interactive Installation

Research, Ideation, Concept, Development

Anne Schneider
Janett Herdt
Julia Metzmaier
Philipp Kaltofen

A installation that questions what the future could be like - if we focus more on positive solutions instead of thinking in dystopias.

There seems to be no place in society for positive visions. We fear that as an individual we cannot achieve anything. What good is it if I alone change something? But in fact, every thought, every action, no matter how small, can make a difference. And our ideas - including yours - are the basic prerequisite for actively shaping developments.

To create the right space for this, the installation Zuversicht was developed. It serves as an intelligent environment that invites visitors to create positive futures and to think themselves into them. Because the world really does not need any more dystopian future scenarios.

Different futures can be discovered on several walls. Users can hand over individual scenarios into the room and share their personal idea of a positive future with other visitors. The room arranges all fragments of the future on the floor of the installation in a way that a collective vision can be created.